The cornicabra olive is a tree of an olive family that is very resistant to frost and droughts, adapting easily to poor soils. It has a straightened trunk ending on a dense top, with a small amount of sprouts; the branches are short, young trees are light gray with an ochre tint.

Unrefined olive oil of the superior quality Extra – Virgen (AOVE)

Unrefined olive oil EL MOLINO CERRO RUBIO is the result of collecting olives at the correct moment, when they are at the peak of maturity and their color has passes from green to dark violet; of careful collecting of each olive by mechanical means which wouldn’t damage the fruit; of transport and immediate grinding and cold extraction.

Organic production

Organic production of the oil, as well as of any fruit or greens, is achieved by preserving the fertility of the earth and respecting environment with the optimal use of natural resources. Chemical products, such as pesticides, mineral fertilizers, etc. aren’t used at all.

The organic unrefined olive oil isn’t filtered. It’s received in the most natural way, without processing in order to keep all its cool, taste and natural properties. The oil is slightly turbid which is the effect of its artisanal origin.