To produce high quality ecological food means to refuse overexploitation and cultivation, supporting biological cycles and natural landscape, prevention of pollution of the nature and exhaustion of natural resources. Adopt an olive tree and you will get unrefined olive oil of the highest quality.

Press here to take part in the adoption program of an olive tree.

Each participant of the program of adoption of an olive tree makes a contribution of €55 a year for the maintenance and agricultural works which are necessary for the olive tree, and will receive:

  • 5-Liter bottle of the organic unrefined Virgin-Extra olive oil DO Montes de Toled
  • 500 ml bottle of the organic unrefined Virgin-Extra olive oil DO Montes de Toledo.
  • An adoption certificate.
  • A photo of your olive tree.
  • Personalization of your olive tree. Next to your olive oil there will be placed a card with the name that you choose for it.
  • Online visit of the farm with your olive tree.
  • You will be able to visit an online excursion during collecting olives where you will also see your tree.
  • You will get 5% discount for the oil in our Internet shop.

You can check the exact localization of your olive tree with the help of our interactive map which will show you the photo of the tree that you have adopted:

Localiza tu Olivo (enlace)

Apadrina un OlivoIt is a task for all. It’s time to break the system and stop the abuse of markets where in the majority of cases unreliable information about the products they sell, including olive oil, is presented. This is the time when a consumer can enjoy the real monovarietal oil without admixtures at the price which allows us support workers on the farm, and allows consumers to get quality products with all the guarantees.

Adopt an olive tree and you will be able to consume your oil offered by your own natural factory, your own olive tree.

And, besides, to adopt an olive tree means:

  • To help the environment
  • To help the development of organic agriculture
  • To enjoy the advantage of our oil for your health
  • To struggle against the speculation of markets

All this joy and pleasure can be a perfect gift for your couple, your children or friends: olive tree at a special factory of AOVE Ecológico Cornicabra in Estados del Duque. For a Birthday, anniversary or any other event there is a remarkable occasion to get your nearest and dearest closer to the nature

Olive tree is the World and the Life.

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