The law

To label olive oil as Virgen Extra on its packing, it is necessary to fulfill a series of strict conditions established by the law:

AOVE (Aceite de Oliva Virgen EXTRA) “the virgin olive oil Extra” is just olive juice. Unrefined olive oil (Aceite de Oliva Virgen) is a mix of the pure oils with a part of unrefined olive oil.

AOVE-definition: ” Olive oil of the highest category is obtained only from olives and only by means of mechanical procedures. Its aroma and taste reproduces the taste of the olives of which it is made, and contains all curative and nutritious properties of this excellent natural product. Virgen- Extra oil is the best natural olive juice which can be presented either filtered or “raw” (not filtered).

Laboratorio para la analíticaThe obligatory analytical laboratory requirements:

* Maximum acidity: 0,8%
* Peroxide Index: less or equal to 20.
* Sulfur: less or equal to 250 mg/kg.

According to the law, with reference to acidity it is necessary to select the peroxide index with the same type and size of the letter and in the same field of vision, as well as the content of sulfur and ultraviolet absorption.

The organoleptic characteristics as well as the sign of the true taste and smell can be noted only in unrefined ecological Virgin-Extra oil.

Nature and Essence

Molino develops unrefined Virgin-Extra olive oil only from a variety of the cornicabra olive., por lo que es un aceite monovarietal, lo que le da un Being monovarietal, this oil has a true and pronounced taste, with characteristics and qualities that distinguish it from any other oil.

EL MOLINO is the result of collecting olives at the correct moment, when they are at the peak of the ripening, when its color passes from green to dark violet; the result of our careful collecting of each olive, by of mechanical means which wouldn’t damage a fruit; of the transport and immediate grinding (less than 8 hours) and cold extraction (temperature less than 28 °C). Thus, we receive exclusively natural olive juice which is stored in tins made of stainless steel where it has its rest in the dark at a constant and soft temperature before we bottle it..

The production of the cornicabra oil was a risky bet the result of which was the obtaining of the real oil.
For this reason the organic unrefined monovarietal olive oil Extra from Toledo El Molino is so highly appreciated.