Aceituna Cornicabra origen de nuestro Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra EcológicoThe cornicabra olive fruit, the source of our unrefined olive oil, is extended, a little asymmetric, flat on one side, ,on the other side it has a form of a horn, and this is where its name comes from: “cornicabra” means “a horn of a goat”. It’s of average size and weight (3 grams), but of a high yield, about 19%, and of a high ratio pulp to stone. The stone is oblong and asymmetric; its surface is wrinkled, with eight or nine fibrovaskular furrows distributed evenly. Both the basis and the top of the stone are slightly pointed, the top has no mucro.

It is one of the varieties with the biggest culinary and wholesome properties for health.. The cornicabra olives are picked when they are ripe and their color has just passed from green to dark-violet. These olives are very much appreciated both by olive experts, and the specialists in health because of its culinary and healthy properties for a human body due to their organoleptic characteristics and high stability.

Video of the picking process of cornicabra olives.

The cornicabra olive is of late ripening; its fruit keeps high resistance to falling off until the end of January which makes it easy to pick them and doesn’t let the olives fall to the soil. The end of the ripening is determined by the characteristic dark-violet color.

Picking the olives for unrefined olive oil Molino de Cerro Rubio, is carried out within January.