Agricultura EcológicaThe ecological production of the oil, as well as any fruit or greens, is carried out by preservation of the fertility of the soil and respect for environment, using natural resources and making the best of it. Chemical products, such as pesticides, mineral substances, etc. aren’t used at all.

The principles of the organic agriculture:

* Stability of the environment or appropriate development which allows us to bring a person closer to the nature.
* Obtaining food without unhealthy substances.
* Supporting and improving the soil fertility, preventing its erosion and exhaustion
* Advance and diversify biological cycles.
* Use traditional varieties without GMO.
* Prevent all types of pollution, protecting the environment.
* Continuous biological control of general disasters and diseases of plants.
* Casual plants control realized by preventive methods
* Progress of living conditions of the farmer
* Obtain the relation consumer – farmer where the products are delivered to the consumer directly from the farmer.



Ecologic control of the production begins in the farms, where soil samples, leaves of the olive trees and olives are taken for their analysis. The mechanical engineering, storehouses and all industrial processes up to the bottling are checked.

All the external control is intensified by the analyses which are carried out in the approved laboratories. There are three types of analyses:

* Classification: to classify such oil as Virgen-Extra.
* Composition of fatty acids
* Remains of pesticides: is a search of possible remains of more than 80 active substances used in non- ecological agriculture. If one of these substances (1mg in 100 kg of oil) is found, it is enough for such oil not to be considered as ecological.

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