The olive juice “az-zair” El Molino is rich in oleic acid (monononsaturated) and doesn’t contain linoleic acid (polynonsaturated). It reduces the level of cholesterol of low density (LDL Cholesterol) or “the bad” one, and increases the level of cholesterol of high density (HDL Cholesterol) or “the good” one, possesses natural antioxidants of á-tocoferol (vitamin E) and polyphenols. The oil owes its golden greenish color to the content of chlorophyll and carotene pigments in it.

Manantial de SaludMedical qualities of El Molino oil are carefully checked. Oil prevents atherosclerosis, protects and tones up epidermis, improves stomach and pancreas functioning, improves hepatobiliary and intestinal level, reduces gastric acidity and the risk of stones formation in the cholecyst, combats constipation

El Molino is stable oil because of the high level of the contents of fatty acids in it. It presents a well balanced content of fatty radio acids, oleic acid (77 %) and minor components which add excellent aroma and the taste to the oil. Another feature of this oil is its special century-old taste which was defined by the experts as “the black olive” and which, in spite of its rich aroma, doesn’t interrupt other tastes, letting us enjoy them.

The cornicabra oil is Nº 1 in polyphenols and antioxidants, providing this huge benefit to the health. Time and temperature don’t deteriorate it as other oils.

Daily consumption of the cornicabra oil is fundamental if one wants to take good care of his health. Olive oil is one of the main components of the Mediterranean diet, and one of the characteristics of the Mediterranean diet is the longevity of the people. Virgin- Extra oil El Molino Cerro Rubio is your health guarantee.

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