The utilization of cornicabra oil can be very versatile. It is ideal to consume it uncooked: in breakfasts, salads, as an aperitif before the food and even to taste with friends. It is very valuable as seasoning because of the quality of its pulp.

It is recommended to grill, fry or stew with it. When cooking in the kitchen it is possible to notice how the oil “grows” or increases in the volume which makes it very economic – it can be used for several times because of its stability. Another peculiarity is that when this oil reaches high temperature it does not lose its smell.

Those who have already tried this oil, describe it in the following way “goldish colour with a green tint, dense and very aromatic, peculiar to a ripe fruit in the field. The taste is moderate in intensity, first delicate and with soft juicy aftertaste. Traditional, century-old taste of the black olive. And at the same time a new taste, very delicate and unknown earlier”.

The dietary use of this oil is based on its stability in view of the fact that it is very rich in fatty mono-containing and oleic acids as well as the minor components which define its unsurpassed taste and aroma. The cornicabra oil has rich, slightly juicy taste of average intensity, first sweet and slightly bitter then, with fluid and velvety texture.

For this reason unrefined Virgin-Extra olive oil EL MOLINO Montes de Toledo is so highly appreciated by those who know much about olive oil.

Ensalada Gastronomically this oil is ideal for utilizing it in salads, seasonings and sauces to which it gives its delicate aroma, improving the natural taste of food. Used in dishes, fried and stewed meat, it saturates them with a delicate taste which makes them more appetizing and curative. The balanced content of fatty acids, together with its content of vitamins and antioxidants, makes the utilizing of olive oil necessary in wholesome food, being the main ingredient of so-called “Mediterranean Diet”, recognized all over the world as the healthiest for the body. Its use helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis, reduces cholesterol level, positively influences the gastrointestinal tract, improves metabolic functions, promotes the mineralization of bones and slows down aging.

Its aroma and taste are very original because of the characteristic touch in which apple and almonds finish the flavoring bouquet.

Being recognized as one of the best in the world, the olive oil Montes de Toledo has tints from golden-yellow to deep green. Its flavoring properties are characterized as restrained, but with a saturated aftertaste in which apple and the almonds finish the flavoring bouquet. It produces a real symphony of aromas and tastes that remind of fresh ripe fruit. Of course it concerns exclusively Virgin- Extra olive oil which can be obtained only by low temperature and physical means which leave the taste and aroma of the fruit untouched.

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